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What is the ceremony of the sand?

What is the ceremony of the sand?

The ceremony of the sand is a precious ritual that represents the eternal union of the bride and groom. If you are looking for a special symbol for your wedding day, this is your winning bet.

The ceremony of the sand: An ancient tradition

This ceremony is one of the most original ideas on your big day. Whether you are celebrating a religious wedding or a civil ceremony, this can take place before the wedding songs begin to ring in your party, surrounded by friends and family who will be excited to see you share this special moment.

The origins of this tradition are not very clear, although most theories point to two different sources. The first version ensures that the ceremony of the sand has its origin in an ancient Hebrew tradition: the so-called “salt pact”. In the time of the patriarch Abraham, the salt pact was used to seal agreements, friendships and contracts. Each party carried a sack of salt and mixed them on the floor. This also meant that, once the salt was mixed, it could never be separated, becoming a covenant for life. Visit for more about ancient Chinese wedding ceremony.

However, other historians claim that ceremony of the sand has its origins in the ancient Hawaiian weddings held on the beach. There, the sand sealed the union of the spouses. The bride and groom brought sandbars from their places of origin and mixed them as a symbol of union and eternal love, impossible to separate.

What will you need?

You will need three crystal cylinders. You can use glasses or long neck vases. In two of them you will place the sand that corresponds to each one of you –it is very important that they are of different color. The third vessel will be in which each will introduce its sand to be mixed. It must be bigger than the two previous ones and with a wide opening to drop the two sands at the same time. If you do not use beach sand, buy crystalline quartz sand of two colors, which will allow you to see clearly how sand is left after mixing.

If you use two types of sand of different colors, the result of the mixture will be very decorative. After mixing the sands, you can seal the jar, record your names and the date of the wedding in the bottle. Also, once used, the two other containers can be used to put fresh flowers after the ceremony.

But like everything in your wedding, you can modify ceremony of the sand according to your beliefs and preferences. For example, some people add white sand to the bottom of the bottle as a symbol of the path you are going to take together.

You can also leave some sand in your jars, symbolizing that, although from now on you are together, you will maintain your own personality. This type of ceremonies can be one of the many ideas for civil weddings. Another option is to give small bottles full of colored sand as a wedding detail to your guests.

Best Wedding Decor

Best Wedding Decor

Goldfish bowl shape vase
The roundness of goldfish-bowl style vases (available in glass and metal) can support unruly blossoms and keep the floral arrangements looking loose, to create a casual mood in the room.

Flower match: Sweet peas, lilies and poppies

These tall vases can create height and a variety of shape to really give that ‘wow-factor’ to the room. Create drama by lining the entrance wall with them on plinths, or place them with show-stopping flowers as the centrepiece for extra-large function rooms with high (4 metre-high and more) ceilings.



Flower Match: Flowering branches such as sunflowers, hydrangeas or any bloom with a bulky stem and a large head.

The ball shape is pleasingly flexible for so many types of events – and it’s low enough for guests to see over.
Cylindrical vase

Why? The height of the vase and its narrow shape can control otherwise shrub-like flowers. The vase can also give body and volume to blooms that usually look solitary. Please have a look at best wedding decor.

Square vase

Square vases can be solo, grouped in squares of four or positioned to run down the centre of a communal table.

Flower Match: Blooms with delicate, straight stems and flowers with heavy heads such as daffodils, hyacinths or amaryllis.

Why? A graphic vase needs graphic blooms. The soft edges of the flowers help alleviate the angular, compact vase shape.

Square vases create a more modern feel to your event, no matter what decor theme.

Geometric-shaped vase

Create a striking centrepiece with these stylish and modern hexagonal style vases that create an industrial, artistic atmosphere in the room.

Flower Match: Succulents, native foliage or why not create a terrarium for a one-off look.


A proper lingerie themed bridal shower or bachelorette party is a great way to receive some lovely lingerie pieces. Otherwise, don’t forget to buy a piece of lingerie (online or in store) for you and your special somebody.

A sexy little chemise from BHLDN bridal boutique is the perfect honeymoon negligee that is pretty and looks good on all body types.

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BHLDN bridal lingerie

5) Bridal Garter by Alisa Brides: The hidden item that carries a fun tradition, can easily be forgotten.

I actually ended up wearing my mothers garter from her wedding as my something old. In the end we actually didn’t end up doing a garter toss, probably because I didn’t want to give up my mom’s garter. This is why you will sometime see garters sold in pairs– one is to throw and one is to keep.

Rhinestone bridal garter from etsy

6) Bridal Shoes: A staple that every women should have in her wardrobe is designer shoes What better reason to splurge than your wedding day attire!?

Below are a beautiful pair of Badgley Mischka Salsa peep toes that I simply adore. When it comes to buying bridal shoes, there are many other amazing designers to choose from.



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A graphic vase needs graphic blooms. The soft edges of the flowers help alleviate the angular, compact vase shape.

The height of the vase and its narrow shape can control otherwise shrub-like flowers. The vase can also give body and volume to blooms that usually look solitary.

There are many other amazing designers to choose from when it comes to buying bridal shoes.